1. podkins:

    DIY Old T-shirt Crochet Rug from indulgy.com
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  5. enter-my-darkest-dreams:

    I forgot to post the finished baby quilt.  Variegated thread was used to quilt the fabric using a tear drop design.  The back has a super cool texture that I love to run my hands across.

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  6. freeasabee:

    If I were to ever make a quilt, I’d want them to look like these. Check out more of Folk Fibers beautiful designs.

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  7. woollypedlar:

    Thanks to The #Guardian for printing this pic and my #writing about my Great Aunt Vera’s #quilt. It was a #wedding gift to us 30 years ago. #freelancewriting #guardianwitness #dosomething #patchwork #makedoandmend

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  8. Batik jelly roll quilt
    Batik jelly roll quilt
    Not !00% aligned... but it's alright for my second quilt! It's a learning process!
    Machine binding
    Purple flannel back
    The quilting process
    Post-quilting, but before the binding along the edges


    Batik jelly roll quilt: This was the second quilt I made - back in February from a “jelly roll” (pre-cut strips) of batik fabrics and some Kona cotton. The back is soft purple flannel and so is very cuddly. I’m keeping this quilt for myself and have been using it all winter as an extra blanket while sleeping! 

    The design is based on an online tutorial from the Missouri Star Quilt Company that is great for beginners. 

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  9. podkins:

    Heatwave Hexagons by phoenixgirl on Ravelry.  Free and easy pattern via the link. Nice job.

  10. dbusato:

    On our last Sew Day at Markham Towne Quilters Guild I picked up the small squares from the stash of donated fabrics for Charity Quilts. I took them home and pieced them together with fabric from my own stash. It came together nicely I think … bright and cheerful. I found a tutorial on Pinterest for the Free Motion Flower Motif used to quilt the project and managed to complete it yesterday using variegated threads … now on to my next project!

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